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Nov 29, 2013 2:05am PST
in rockefeller plaza. >> it is october 11. >> what are we doing here? >> first of all, if you don't know about this video we are going to tell you about you are in the dark. >> we didn't know anything about this video. but it is sweeping not just the nation but the world. >> it's called "what does the fox say. ♪ ♪ ♪ what does the fox say ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> what does the fox say? oh. >> okay. so this viral video has more than 100 million hits and we don't get it. >> we don't know why. the norwegian brothers are here. >> i bet them downstairs. they are adorable. >> they are crazy. i met their brother. and he is -- wow. >> he is is a scream. this song was supposed to be a joke. it was pay back for what they had done the record company. >> they tried to write the world's worst song and it has become a hit. >> we're going to talk about all what does the fox say. >> that means there is going to be skrun chees. she is -- she goes to the beat of her own drum. >> she seems perfect for him. >> look at how we have to get the tight shot. that is sad what you just did in there. >> some people have a
FOX News
Nov 12, 2013 7:00pm PST
ken, i don't find the commercials offensive, but insurance is there for emergencies, you don't encourage ways to use it. send me an e-mail to kelly. this is the kelly file. >>> it is a democratic civil war in washington. >> the president should honor the commitment to federal government and let those people keep what they got. >> will the president be able to weather this storm? >> obama care navigators caught on tape telling you to lie. >> don't get yourself in trouble by declaring it now. >> we have the explosive hidden camera video. >>> plus, nfl legend mike ditka with the latest developments on the bullying scandal. "hannity" starts right now. welcome to "hannity." there is a mutiny growing in the democratic party against president obama and the entire staff. we have the proof. president clinton, the man that president obama turned to, claiming that the president's promise, if you like your plan and doctor you can keep your plan and doctor. watch this. >> so i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor his commitment to federal gov
FOX Business
Nov 24, 2013 1:30am EST
are getting kicked off these exchanges. if your doctor happened to be at one of those hospitals, you don't get to use your doctor anymore. but here's the good news. your doctor was probably substandard anyway so you'll get a better doctor. >> no. the good news is if you have money you can pay your doctor cash. that's what it's like in new york. if there's a doctor worth his salt he isn't in one of these plans because he doesn't need the plan. so he charged up-front on your credit card. >> preside obama will say you have a substandard insurance company in the first place. >> you didn't want your doctor. >> he'll become like my uncle al here pretty much. >> what do you make of this? >> he's kind of right. >> who's kind of right? >> bothf them. the old system was kind of -- their premise is -- >> both of who? >> kind of right. let me explain. the old system wasn't very good. people lost their doctors. >> oh, come on! >> what are you lking about? >> this is the old system times 50. forget it. this is the crummy insurance mandated throw your rationing system we had before just exploded much wider.
Nov 29, 2013 2:35am EST
've published in i don't know how many like decades. ♪ >> ma, if i concentrate hard enough i can make things move. >> one of the projects i'm really excited about right now is the new "carrie" movie which just opened in theaters. i thought, is this something we need to tell again? and the truth is, when i went back to the novel and reread the novel, it seemed so, almost prescient in terms of things like violence in schools. in terms of bullying. in terms of cyber bullying. and it's one of these stories that i think kind of almost every generation has or needs its own version of the "carrie" story. and it did feel like there were ways to update in that kind of very organic fashion. putting in stuff like social media. putting in stuff about religious fanaticism. that felt like it could enrich the story as opposed to, we're just forcing this stuff upon the story. >> go to your closet. >> no. no. get off me. momma. >> come on. >> no. no. >> you pray little girl. pray for forgiveness. >> mommy, let me go. let me out. mom! mom! mom! god you suck! ♪ >> i think that teenagers and horror go togethe
Nov 23, 2013 2:05am PST
they're supposed to taste. i like my mother's stuffing. i don't want ice cream to taste like stuffing. i'm a purist and a traditionalist. >> we have potato chips the other day and they tasted like french toast, pringles. >> i don't like that at all. i'm happy for those of you that love it. a pack of these flavors is $65. >> we're drinking -- >> it is called stringy jack pumpkin wine. >> i'm sure a lot of people are going to like it. i'm going to tell you right now, i smelled it, i'm not going to like it. you taste it. i don't want to hurt these people. i bet they're -- >> it's not -- it's spicy. tastes like a -- >> like a cider. >> a cidery kind of wine. don't drink it. you won't like it. >> i know. i don't want to hurt these people. i bet they're lovely. >> $16 at okay. anyway. >> now something i love. >> we have been waiting for this. >> you may need this after thanksgiving. all righty then. what are they called? >> shreddies flatulence filtering underwear. why is girouard off today? i wanted girouard. [ flatulence noises ] we wanted girouard to model these for us, da
Nov 16, 2013 6:00pm EST
don't want to talk about kennedy anymore. people are so eager. i can't imagine any other president about whom there is that sort of feeling. >> we have a few more weeks. i want to play it out and we do have a wonderful event here a few weeks ago sponsored by the open university of kennedy -- what kennedy and lincoln's second term would it look like and you asked would he have persuaded to ask congress to pass legislation involving civil rights? on that count would he have achieved what johnson achieved? >> i don't think he would have had the great society energy and commitment that johnson had because kennedy was essentially a foreign-policy president. that is to say politics can unseat you but foreign politics can kill you. he would have run against barry goldwater and would have won it did victory the way johnson did. he would have carried big democratic majorities into the house and senate with him and i think he would have gotten the big tax cut, the federal aid to education, the medicare and the civil rights bills passed. that would have put him in the lead with the most progr
Nov 25, 2013 2:00pm EST
like that for the people whom you are going to benefit, actually. i don't want to knock the idea that the thing is entirely useless but the whole thing is predicated on the assumption that somehow you can get rid of illegal immigrants. and therefore, what we want to do is come up with a set of penalties and incentives which will somehow reduce the influx of new illegal immigrants and will somehow get rid of the stop of illegal immigrants. and i don't think that those are possible feasible objectives. and for the very simple reason that each time we try and do something like this, at the washington level, things really get worse for the illegal immigrants and we don't really gain anything in terms of what is commonly known as controlling our borders. and the main reason is that we have a right brain-left brain approach to illegal immigrants. the right brain says they are immigrants and therefore we should be kind to them. we should be considerate to them. but the left brain says oh but they're illegal and therefore we believe in the rule of law and therefore we should be unkind to
FOX Business
Nov 2, 2013 12:00am EDT
recognition to goes to the database to danowski is up of this self don't the you have 20% off on those issues it is all new consumer driven world. melissa: i am now ready for thatt sounds like spying. said they laughed at the idea of advertising of the internet. people were always scared but this is tremendous innovation in zero career right in front of our eyes. $100 million of 2013 it will undoubtedly be a major industry in the next couple of years. melissa: where is the industry you see this right now? >> right now in ameca is limited with regulations people with agriculture a lot of people wanting to use the drones and agriculture but especially using them for good that is something that the ngos have been talking about to protect the endangered species with the of marine areas those that take the ducks that are critical and even a third world countries. melissa: like the idea but we're to receive the application was commercial use? >> whether. weather prediction, clyde did management, michio in engineering. i want to take half clones controlled by other consumers and have clones tell the
Nov 30, 2013 2:05am PST
're feeling like we are, you don't want to try anything today. >> noted. bloated. >> capital "b." >> we've got a big show for you. nicolette sheridan is here to get you in the christmas spirit. >> performance by the texas tenors. >> love them and ambush make-overs because we missed everybody at the parade yesterday. hope you had a great thanksgiving. hope you enjoyed the parade. >> we have bad news for you, so you might as well brace yourself as you're sitting there scratching your belly because the average american, just so you know, consumed yesterday 4,500 calories. >> is that like four days' worth of food basically? >> about. about. 3,000 on your turkey dinner, 1500 calories on snacks and drinks. >> that's the only way that saves me. i love that meal so much, i don't snack on anything. >> you don't? >> huh-uh. because then you don't have your appetite for all the good stuff. >> you are right. here's a question, when you go to someone's home for thanksgiving, do you ask for leftovers? do you say hey. >> hey. >> i'm leaving. >> going to eat that? >> taking that turkey? >> going to finish tha
Nov 2, 2013 8:00pm PDT
of the free world. it has a great role to play. i don't think it has been playing that role in the '50s, and therefore, i think the democratic party has an historic function in the 1960 election. >> don't you think that the republicans are sure to run on peace and prosperity, and since we are at peace and the nation is prosperous, can they be beaten on those issues? >> yes, i think they can be beaten. i think really the problem of the democratic party is to attempt to bring home to the people the kind of problems that we are going to face in the 1960s, also to bring home to the american people that we haven't really faced these problems in the 1950s. when mr. eisenhower leaves office in 1960, we are going to be faced, the next incumbent, with overwhelming problems. we are going to be faced with a missile gap, which will make the difficulties of negotiating with the soviet union and the chinese in the '60s extremely difficult. when mr. coolidge left the white house in 1928, he was hailed. he was an extremely popular chief executive. i don't think he was popular in 1930. >> mr. reston. >>
Nov 15, 2013 4:00pm PST
there's a sort of a code of respect among presidents, recent presidents. they don't call each other names like this. cheney, is he exempt there the rule? >> no, he's not exempt there the rule. but he made himself exempt. i don't think you'll hear george w. bush making a statement like that. but dick cheney has a different agenda. first of all, his daughter is run fog are the senate in wyoming as a tea party candidate, rather absurdly, since she's basically from the beltway. and dick cheney is trying to help her out by appealing to the tea party worst. i think that's what's going on, number one. number two i think republicans more generally, chris, have always been infuriated by the high personal standarding of president barack obama. by him sz a candidate. by him as a president. by the fact that he has seen to many of his supporters and to most americans, to be an honest, straightforward, decent guy. and this somehow is especially infuriating to republicans. it drives them crazy, and they're doing everything they can now given the opportunity to try to drag him down to their level.
Al Jazeera America
Nov 23, 2013 12:00am EST
they don't know how the suspects managed to control the victims for so long. >>> the chemist inside of a massive crime scandal in massachusetts has been sentenced to prison. annie ducan has admitted to falsifying records and led to release of hundreds of drug convicts. that's it for the headlines. america tonight is up next and remember, you can always get the latest on >> on america tonight: the journey we'll never forget. the story of president kennedy's lasting legacy and his last voyage. >> we have the transfer of power, the official of state business, going on just a few feet in front. and here we have the private horror of a widow with her murdered husband. >> also tonight, fading away, capturing what might be the last looks of a vanishing culture. >> i believe these people have a wealth, an emotional wealth, cultural wealth that we do not have any more. >> and big dreams, small space. adam may: little tread. >> it will always be my place. >> it won't get away. >> from the museum in washington, d.c. and the three shots were fired exhibit focused on the assassi
Nov 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
around but we don't. until we get that we won't. >> the business about early renewal program. you mentioned this on the air when we had that wonderful woman who was fighting cancer out in michigan. you gave her some pretty good advice the early renewal program. will obama allow them to extend to -- yeah extend out to 2014. would they allow that? >> right now many insurance companies in many states are allowing people who have received the cancellation letter to do what's called an early renewal. they changed their anniversary date to december 1, 2013. under obama care you don't have to comply with the obama rules in the individual market until the first anniversary after january 1, 2014. so they are suggesting people change their anniversary date to the latest as possible which is december 20, 2014. that way they get a one year reprieve. however not all states allow that. the state of california does not allow it. there are 1 million cancellation letters in the state of california. and the california insurance authority said we're not going to allow -- they said this before, the o
FOX News
Nov 8, 2013 6:00am PST
. bill: there it is for now and what about it? jonas, good morning to you. did he go far enough? >> i don't think so. that sounded like the most passive-aggressive apology we have heard from a president in a while. bill: you say the was too cute, using a passive voice. >> he said we could have been more clear. that implies they were clear about something and they were honest about something, just not clear enough about it when in reality they were clearly dishonest. they said something over and over again were clearly that wasn't true. he can't admit that. this whole statement doesn't jive with the rest of his statement that these aren't the droids you are looking for. i don't think this will clear the air. i think they are trying to buy time. bill: because? what comes next? >> we don't know what kathleen sebelius is about to say. maybe she says she designed this website in a drunken stupor like the toronto mayor. but it sounds like they are laying the ground work for a website that won't work november 30. he's trying to give the democrats some flexibility that he met with this week. bill
Nov 12, 2013 3:00am EST
and runs his campaign, gives him all the advice in the world, don't play golf, it is a rich man's game you won't look like a working class guy, fight him,. >> rose: william jennings brian. >> right and he is so happy when taft wins, taft will carry out my legacy, i trust no one more, he calls him a beloved person in his letters, teddy then goes to africa and gives him space, comes back and his progressive friends tell him that taft hasn't been as honest to the legacy. >> rose: and is cozing up to ceos. >> and to the regulars in the congress who he needed he thought to get the tariff bill through, it was more complicated than that, he simply didn't know how to be a public leader and he screwed up the things he tried to do to fulfill teddy's legacy and then teddy comes back and he is missing being president and the progressives say we want you so he ends up, of course, running against taft. >> rose: and woodrow wilson wins. >> of course when the two split the vote, actually teddy and taft together, teddy as the third party candidate and taft as the regular republican candidate get more than
Nov 9, 2013 2:05am PST
. >> okay. do you like a man th a beard? >> no, i don't. >>kay. >> we're going to play a game. and it's called "guess that beard." we're read >> beard number one. >> i can't wt. >> oh, that's what's his ne. >> not hug-- >> ben affleck. >> i don't know names. >> and beard number two is hh jackman. >> you can wear anytng you nt. >> andumber three. huh? >> oh, that's the guy from -- >> kevin klein? >> no. it i-- i know, john hamm and beard number fr is -- george clooney! >> wow. >> and the last one? "duck dynast" our my cousin from appalachia. >> did i tell you were brilliant again? >> whad the biggest day and forgoto remind you we're illiant. at's what the daily ws says. >> you c still get it online at i thought for sure they were going to r that headline. >>e're starting to have lunches th people who help u with that column. and they are a wild and wacky azy bunch. >> here's a question for you, have you gone into a restrm at ki of a nice restaurant -- and bathroom attendant handsou towel or soap or something and theye standing the person is standing in there. there'been
Nov 27, 2013 12:00am PST
a religious freedom claim, then what's to keep any company from saying we don't want to serve jews, we don't want to hire gays. >> that's the slippery slope here. >> that's what the supreme court has to be very concerned about. >> so the question here, is can a corporation hold constitutionally protected religious beliefs. what if the west borrow baptist church started a greeting card company and decided not to give -- effectively decide if a company can pick and choose which laws it will follow, based on the personal religious beliefings of its owners. >> joining us now is justice correspondent pete williams, and pete, why did this case come before the court. there's a split at the lower federal court level about whether or not these parties have a claim. >> that's right, the hobby lobby won its case in the fifth circuit court of appeals in denver. the constitution does give personal rights to corporations, the supreme court has given a number of them over the years, including most recently, freedom of speech rights. the third circuit court of appeals t other one the supreme court agreed
Nov 14, 2013 7:00pm EST
if they are in effect right now. but remember, many states and insurance companies don't want to do that. in fact, some of the biggest states have already said no to earlier proposals to extend some of these canceled policies into 2014. some states have barred -- that's a practice called early extension. many states have barred that. so, again, it's not clear that this is going to change a whole lot. it may change some policy availability for some people. but i do think it's more about politics than actually changing the policy. >> early renewal. thank you. i didn't know that. let me ask you follow up, next one, tomorrow is a vote on the fred upton bill that would allow people to keep their insurance and actually let new people go back and get the old insurance forever and then i'm going to ask you, after that vote, is there going to be a senate vote? it sort of all seems like a push comes to shove in the senate with the mary landrieu vote. do you think it will happen after today's obama news conference? >> i doubt it. this is one circumstance where gridlock is the president's friend. the prospect of a
Nov 17, 2013 4:45am EST
screw around with the power of the president? i don't think u.s. steel or any other companies want internal rev enough agents checking expense accounts. want government to go back to he tell bills to fine out who was with you? these are real quotes. now, if the kens were prepared to do this to stop a steel price hike, what they do to keep the presidency in their hands? some of you know i worked for robert kennedy. no public figure i admired more. but this this dark side. they get away with it but people know that something is up. one of those underground things that know. it's all kind of underground. last, 1968. what happens? so here are two notions. if there's no war in vietnam, then richard nixon's most powerful argument for the presidency -- i know the world, i know the soviet union, i can bring peace to vietnam -- is irrelevant, and the republicans can find somebody who could actually win elections, say the governorship of california by a million votes. reagan made a very lame last minute bid for the nomination. take away the vietnam war, nixon's strong point, and i realize t
Nov 12, 2013 12:00am PST
, pulling back from the tra veils of the world, tremendous veils and i don't see anything else who can with housekeeper of the world, doris kearns goodwin and josef joffe, when we continue. additional funding provided by these funders. >> and by bloomberg, a provider of multimedia news and information services worldwide. >> from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> the great fundamental issue now before our people, it is are the american people fit to govern themselves to rule themselves, to control themselves? i believe they are. my opponents do not. >> rose: doris kearns goodwin is here, she is a historian, she is an author,? he is so much more, her books have brought to life some of the most fascinating figures in american history and awarded the pulitzer prize, eleanor the home front in world war ii, her 2005 book, teams of rivals of abraham lincoln and leading members of his cabinet was part of the steven spielberg movie lincoln, this tells the story of roosevelt and howard taft, they door roosevelt, william theodore .. roosevelt. >> william howard taft. >> tha
Oct 31, 2013 5:00pm PDT
president? >> it was serious, not that it was intentionally polled and focused grouped. campaigns don't spend the money unless they are seriously exploring something. it was only known but about a half dozen of the top obama senior advisors, people like david axle rod and most notably the chief of staff william daily, then chief of staff who became close to joe biden. they are similar age, similar background. >> similar background. you talked to him? >> i talked hto him on the phon and he confirmed saying he thought it was his due diligence as chief of staff to explain the possibility of what she would mean for obama in 201. they concluded she wouldn't add a substantial effect, she would help but not enough to dump biden. >> so a bump but not big enough to justify the whole drama -- >> that was their conclusion at the end of 2011, correct. >> there is also in the book details about the relationship between president obama and former president clinton and president obama said he likes clinton quote in small doses? >> right, they were playing golf between the two warring camps, finally
FOX Business
Nov 26, 2013 11:00pm EST
-searching. admitting yowere wrong. but it's something that don't always see it. it might be a subliminal mesage. >> i think there are a number of lessons and there are those that talk about austerity i not the answer and reform is and we really are trying to have a focus with eal people in politics. we expect our candidates to do things exactly right and i think in many cases we are not compromising byny means and that means being a firm conservative across the board. learn from others in our state about better ways to communicate and better ways to weed and that is something that we need to do nationally as well. >> touchÉ to you, governor. a fascinating book. scott walker, it's very different. it's not what you're used to reading. in the meantime, a huge storm that is looking like a perfect storm at the perfect time to hit in today's markets, a lot can happen in second. with fidelity's guaranteed one-second trade execution, look for the best possible price -- maybe even better than you expected. it's all part of our goal to execute your trade in one second. i'm derrick chan of fidelity investments
FOX News
Nov 19, 2013 6:00pm PST
're trying to make it fail. >> i don't think fox news had anything to do with the failure of the rollout of as far as i know we didn't touch that website. >> this is about the fifth bite about this. there is a fundamental disagreement about what is wrong. so what the president and liberals and the folks he talked to yesterday, his campaign volunteers that he tried to rally. i guess he was trying to get them to rally him, he said. what they're concerned about is that not enough free health insurance is being given away. their complaint about the program is that not enough free stuff is going out the door because they did the internet wrong. and because all of this stuff, now in that area they blame republicans because not enough enthusiasm among the republican government, et cetera. that is not why it is tanking, why the washington news poll said they wished they had mitt romney for a president instead of him. the cause of all of that is the insurance policies that are being emolated by the president's intentional policy and the fact he deceived voters on that subject. so
Nov 6, 2013 2:00pm PST
of chemicals in cosmetic, they all have those words but they don't really all do that so i think it's also important as you're thinking about these things to go to a reputable organization that you trust is going to give you real information and support the kinds of laws that they're supporting rather than one that's maybe a bill posed by the industry that, guess what, wants to be self-regulating. okay, so now we are moving to the driveway, and this is really interesting because we think about low emissions cars as being really important for maybe climate change but they also might be important for breast cancer because when fuel is burning and you guys are familiar with chemicals that, you know, come bust, lower emissions vehicle, one that's more efficient may reduce these pah's in our air and especially in urban areas reduce exposures to those compounds which is really pornts, so thinking about hybrid or electric, we're all lucky enough to take public transit and reduce those overall exposures or -- yeah? >> i believe so, is that true? yes, my science advisors, that's why they're here.
Al Jazeera America
Nov 22, 2013 9:00pm EST
was making a suit for the first lady. >> yes. i don't remember until afterwards but my older sister tells me that it was a big topic of conversation in my house, that my father was making a suit for the first lady. >> and she wore it. she was quite pleased with it. it wasn't on this occasion only that she wore the suit. >> no, and i'm very, very happy about that. my father, from having a very faimous suit to having made a very infamous suit. i felt gratified that at least jackie got to wear the suit under happier circumstances for a period of time. because it must be really weird to have had your only claim to fame be so stained. after what happened 50 years ago today. >> yeah. did your sister recall the pride that he had in being involved in something that, at that high a level? i mean really this is the woman known even today as one of the great fashion icons of all time. he dressed her. >> yes. there was even pride after the shooting because i remember i was three years old when the assassination happened. they talked about it, but i get the sense that it was kind of a subdued way of disc
Nov 18, 2013 10:00am EST
than directed against the homeland. that is not to say that we still don't face a threat, and it's certainly not to say that home grown violent extremists are inconsequential. far from it. >> i've always tell that our strongest -- felt that our strongest line of defense against these threats really is a strong intelligence-gathering capability. to what extempt has, you know, the nsa disclosures, how extensive is has the harm been in terms of those intelligence-gathering capabilities? director olsen? >> i would echo the comments recently of director clapper who characterized them as extremely damaging. there's no doubt that those disclosures have made our job harder. we've seen that terrorists, our adversaries are seeking to learn about the ways that we collect intelligence and seeking to adapt ask change the -- and change the ways they communicate in order to avoid our surveillance. so it's made our job significantly harder. >> how cowe repair the damage of it? director comey? what does congress need to do? what do we need to resist, potentially? >> i agree with what matt said ab
Al Jazeera America
Nov 4, 2013 9:00pm EST
, we don't want the government to take care of us. >>> a message about shared faith and common values. >> we talk about family, we talk about education, we talk about self dependence. we talk about opportunities for american dream. >> and flowing straight into trouble. a new front in the contest between energy and the environment. >> and good evening. thanks for being with us. i'm joie chen. will they stay or will they go? it is a fair question on this day before off-year elections in many communities around the country truly is an off-off election year, races which might not attract a lot of attention in any other year. but this year political divisions on many levels make quite a few races be bellwether. what we currently call colorado where secessionists want to form a new state. might not have much of a success but it points to a bigger picture of divide. the great sky of colorado's rural community. chris bury begins in cheyenne wells, colorado. >> a belief that the federal government has lost touch with the their people. >> have no idea how hard we work. >> his daughter, a nanny,
Nov 23, 2013 9:00pm EST
was 23%. now, i don't know how you define failure. park, where i held my election night celebrations, we pay $33,000 per pupil per year. 50% ofrs ago, less than the young people who graduated from asbury park high school could read at the eighth-grade level. so, somehow with the teachers union -- this is a debate about whether that is failure or not. my opponent, who was endorsed by the teachers union, said that when it was pointed out to her we have 200 failing schools in new jersey, her response was, that is not a bad percentage. they asked me for my response. my response, that sounds like someone who never sent their children to one of those schools. if you send your children to one of those schools, it is absent today -- it is an obscenity. that is my difference between the republican view of what needs to be done with education in america and the democrat view, thaters union the status quo is fine and we will get to fixing those places. if your child is in the classroom, eventually isn't good enough. >> you didn't change the economic performance much. the unemployment rate is still
Nov 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
this together. in a baritone voice he would say if you can't say something good about someone, don't say anything. there was so much respect for this man but along with a philip randolph, who organized the brotherhood of sleeping car porters, represented the men working on the railroad. and when you come to washington and walked through the union station there is a bus. you have martin luther king jr. who was the president of the southern christian leadership conference born in atlanta georgia and then there was roy wilkins, the head of the naacp for the advancement of colored people that were born in minnesota, a wonderful man comed then there was whitney young who was born in kentucky, the dean of social work at atlanta university and later became the head of the national urban league. there was another man by the name of james farmer. farmer had attended the little wiley college in texas, why we texas. and he was part of the dating team -- debate team. they deviated harvard and they won. the graduate study at harvard university became very involved with the naacp and was later one of
Nov 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
phonet so you don't interrupt the inven . with that, let me get dirty. i am shannon o'neil. i work at the council on foreign relations very focused on next month america more broadly unedited and pleasure tonight at talking with two wonderful gentleman, who have written wonderful books are really impressive impressive books about mexico. the first one on my right is ricardo ainslie. his book is called "the fight to save juarez." this book tells the story of the border city, which many of you know i've had the unfortunate tension in recent years of being not only the most violent place in mexico, but by some accounts the most spineless in the world. he tells the story of this descent into darkness of this border city through the eyes and through the stories of many people in morris, the mayor from 20,722,010. it is a newspaper photographer who patrols the streets and shows up at the house and the grandstands. it is the mistress of a mid-level cartel operator. and finally a human rights activist that is thrown in to those trying to make sense of it and protects the people inside for
Nov 23, 2013 5:00am PST
? >> well, i can't imagine why anyone would think that. i don't think vice presidents should come down from anything. only two officers in the land were elected by all the people, the president and the vice president i have never known any majority or senator willing to serve as vice president if his people are willing to elect him. >> nobody thought johnson was the sending most powerful man then. "life" magazine quoted the no. 2 man in washington talking about the president's brother, robert kennedy, perhaps lbj's most bitter rival in all of washington. in all of politics. of course, to call them rivals suggested in the days before fate made him president, lbj was in the same league as bobby kennedy when it came to power, clout, significance. when it came to having a political future. >> that would have been a gross distortion of the concept of a rivalry. months later safely ensconced in the white house, lbj smoke e spoke of the misery he had felt as vice president. >> i did an independent senate, the cabinet had employees under your jurisdiction here. >> all right. >> i don't think that a
Nov 22, 2013 7:30pm PST
by which any future majority can change the rules. democrats said they don't intend to change the rules for supreme court nominees but in two years, in four years, in six years, it's certainly a possibility at this point. >> what about the thing in the past, what made people step back was you'll be in the minority sooner or later and then it will work against you and that kind of -- why this time did the democrats say we don't care, we know it will be in the minority and will come back and haunt us at some point but right now we're going to do it. >> what's interesting in the senate and john mccain and more senior democrats and republicans, karl levin was a democrat that voted against it, said most democrats serving now don't know what life in the minority is like. 33-55 senate democrats have only known the senate in the majority. karl levin voted against it this week and said that very same thing is that you have to think of this as an institution and not just as your personal prerogative right now. to think that -- and republicans have been rather candid in saying when we take over, a
Nov 10, 2013 1:00pm EST
. he has been insistent from day one that i ought to write a book. although ether newburg who i don't think is in the house, but who hooked me up with peter nobler who is here somewhere finish there he is. peter the co-writer of this. [applause] esther once told me many years ago everybody doesn't have to write a book. [laughter] but we did. as others have said before me, being mayor of the city of new york is the greatest job in the world. i say if you like public service and you like people, being mayor of the city of new york is better than being mayor of any city anywhere in the world. it's better than being governor of any state, including new york state. the only job that's better is the one that obama has. [laughter] new york is the city that gives and gives and gives again. its wisdom is not so much its culture, but in the collective genius of its people. many of us arrived here as aspirants, seeking a better life, and quite a few achieved everything we ever dreamed of and more. after a childhood split between trenton, new jersey, and harlem during the great depression -- yo
Nov 2, 2013 2:05am PDT
. you know i don't like sweets. but when i have one, i make it count. >> another big reese. i love it. what do you like? >> i like the reese a lot. i like the hershey's milk chocolate. >> i didn't know, no one told me, jolly ranchers makes a lollipop. did anyone know? jolly ranchers makes a lollipop. >> they're begging for them in the back. >> okay. here's the thing. finish that please. i can't do it. >> i can. >> you're nobody until you have instagramed your butt. did you know that? there seems to be a new trend in hollywood. hoda, you got to get with it. you got to be hip. you got to instagram your stuff. >> everybody is posting their junk. they are turning around and taking a picture. that was the kim kardashian picture. we've completely blurred it. >> even though the whole world's seen it. i love our standards and practices. >> well, not on air. here's lady gaga. >> what is that? you can't even tell. >> although they didn't blur out her thong. what's the point? >> seriously, this is embarrassing. >> this is embarrassing. >> this is hysterical. they put a blur in the crack. can you
Nov 16, 2013 5:00pm EST
about vietnam. i said it to kenny o'donnell and charlie bartlett, we don't have a prayer of staying in vietnam. those people hate us. they're going to throw our asss out of there at am any point but i can't give up the territory to the viet cong. every word of that comes from john kennedy's mouth. that's what he said. so, my belief is that he would have gotten out. but not frontally. he was conscious enough of the problems not to, for instance, good on television and say, my fellow americans, we can't win here. we just -- no matter how strong we are no matter how many people we put in vietnam, we can't win this because -- it's not central to american security. that domino theory i once espoused, the philippines will not be threatened if south vietnam fall, which was the belief of many policymakers. so he kind of stalls through '64. when the pt boats are attacked he does not ask for a gulf of tonkin resolution help doesn't want to be given a blank check because the hawks will demand i cash it. and in 1964 he has a second summit meeting with nikita khrushchev, which was on the table,
Nov 24, 2013 5:00am EST
that you internalize. we're not here to score political points. i don't care about the next election, i care about solving the problems. most people are saying right now fix the thing, which is what you're saying, right? hickey, who has no jersey connection, i'm sorry, sir. you do. you are well down the field. you are a functioning exchange. and mr.d mr. greenblatt allen's problems. could you please tell us what the future could look like for them and how to solve their very real problems? >> number one, put together and exchange board that is from both sides of the aisle, but, as you say, they care about the people of new jersey. our board -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt you. our governor is very quiet and soft-spoken. he did not participate in the exchanges. we have one of the best local insurance waste knowledge there is and we didn't engage in that. we are way behind you in kentucky. please continue. >> that board being made up of people, even though they were vitriolic against the aca. once they got on the board, they said we have an obligation, a fiduciary to the to the people of new
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